Winter 2011 The Making of “Time & Again” (2000)

After we found out via the Internet that the Jelly Bean Bandits were perhaps the best-known little-known unknown band on the planet, the group decided to go back in the studio and start up where they had left off 34 years earlier. Frontman Billy Donald declined to participate because of prior commitment to his oldies group, Big Edsel, but everyone else was more than up for the challenge.

Fortunately everybody in the Bandits sang lead so there was no shortage of vocal power. Mike Raab and Fred Buck did all the songwriting. Guitarist Jack Dougherty lived in Florida, Fred and Joe lived in upstate New York and Mike lived outside of Wilmington, North Carolina. The sessions were selected to be in Wilmington as that was halfway for everyone and Mike was friends with J.K.Loftin (that’s him doing the “Queen wave” on the video) who owned Cape Fear Studio.

This is a quick look behind the session scenes of the recording that signaled the Bandits were back ten years ago.


Mike Raab’s wife, Barbara, is president of Monty’s Home, an animal rescue non-profit organization near Wilmington, N.C. To heighten public awareness of why you should adopt shelter dogs as opposed to buying dogs from a puppy mill storefront, Mike wrote the song “It’s Cool to Adopt.” The music video is catchy, clever and gets its point across with the help of children, their families and dogs they’ve adopted. Watch the video once and see if you can get the chorus out of your head!


The Jelly Bean Bandits were once described in the French magazine Morning as “cyclonic proto-punks with a pleasant disregard for everything”.

42 years later another group that might fit into that category, The Acid Lemon from Torino, Italy, posted up this video, a live version of the Jelly Bean Bandits “Country Woman” recorded on January 16, 2010. Thank you, Lemons.

The Peppermints

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